“Many times as I give people a little bottle of sand and a tract, I tell them it may not be for you. I believe God is going to bring someone into your life who needs to hear your testimony and for you to give them the tract and bottle. And God does just that. It’s amazing the stories I hear.”

“My hubby preached at a camp ground a few years back. There was a lady there, and I gave her a bottle of sand and a tract. We saw her months later and she shared an interesting story. She lost her bottle of sand and was very upset. So she prayed for God to help her find it. She retraced her steps and there along the path, as she looked down, was her little bottle of sand.”

“Recently we went out to eat and our waitress was having a very bad day. She was new and her boss was not happy with her. Our food was very late and she was quite nervous. I walked up to her and put my arm around her and told her Jesus loved her and she began to cry. She told me her mom had passed away and that she was very close to her. I gave her one of my bottles and a tract and shared the love of Jesus with her. She just hugged us and thanked us. – Just recently saw her and she still has her bottle of sand and thanked us again for reaching out to her.”

“My husband and I were at Olive Garden. I asked the waitress at our table if I could give her a gift. As I was getting my bottle of sand and tract out, the hostess was seating two more people behind us and they heard gift. “I said, oh I have a gift for all of you.” I gave them each a bottle of sand and a tract. As we left the hostess was showing other servers her little bottle of sand. And out of nowhere came 8 to 10 servers. I gave them all a little bottle of sand and tract. Many times as we’ve gone back to restaurants and had the same waitress. They said, ” I gave my bottle away and I really miss it.” So I give them another bottle.”

“Several years ago we went to a convention with a business I was involved with. Our up-line wanted to take us out to eat. They took us to a raunchy restaurant. We did not realize it till we sat down and began to look around. Our server was very vulgar and the way he treated customers was terrible. I got a little bottle of sand and a tract. I asked him if I could give him a gift. He softened as I shared my testimony. Then he said, “I’m a preacher’s kid. I believe God touched his heart that day.”

“One morning I asked God to use me. I was at the grocery store checking out, when I heard a noise to my left. I heard the cashier ask what happened. The man said, “My wife’s lid on her coffee hit the floor and it scared the hell out of me.” The next thing I said was, “So, does that mean you’re going to heaven?” They looked startled. I got my little bottle of sand and a tract and gave it to him and asked him to read it. They both said, ”Thank you.” I didn’t have time to share but I believe God used a little bottle of sand and a tract to touch their lives.”

“Because I have a little bottle of sand hanging from my nametag, it opens a door for me to share Jesus with my clients. I let them know it’s a reminder to me when I’m having a stressful day of what God’s thoughts are about me. Then I ask them if they would like to have a bottle.”

“I have a large picture of “The Crown” hanging in my living room. Every time I look at the crown of thorns and the sand, it reminds me of the great sacrifice He made for me and what His thoughts are towards me.”

“My heart was really touched when I first read the tract. You took the approach from a very loving perspective. All these negative thoughts about ourselves do not come from our Creator. He loves us and wants to be our Father. It really hit home with me personally. As I look at the bottle of sand I think of Psalm 139:17 & 18 and what His Word says about me.”